Lattice Screening Perth

Lattice Screening Perth

Half Price Lattice is a family-run business that has been assisting clients to enjoy their exterior and construct the perfect backyard of their dreams for more than three decades. We come with fencing solutions that are functional, ethically sourced and honest. With a range of on-trend fencing products, we can enhance your surroundings without any hassle. 

We take pride in being manufacturers and suppliers of quality fencing products, including fence extensions, infilled framed panels, gates and arches, lattice screening in Perth and more. We make prompt delivery and all our clients are treated with exceptional customer service. Our team of professionals is the heart and soul of our company. Our core values are integrity, teamwork, respect, innovation and achievement. We seek sustainability within our operations by endeavouring to make them socially capable, economically suitable and environmentally aware. We try to diminish our environmental effect in different measurable ways, including accomplishing better and efficient utilisation of resources, make sure that our suppliers work ethically and sustainably, reassuring our clients about environmentally friendly options and many more. By working with values and operating sustainably, we will proceed to fabricate the best lattice screening in Perth and other products and get the right to serve our clients in the future. 

Our wide range of clients includes homeowners, strata plans to developers and builders. We provide exact measurement, manufacture and installation of all your fencing needs. Our vast collection of lattice screening in Perth allows you to choose from a range of designs and styles. We offer various fencing or privacy screen styles that will comply with pool regulations. You will get the cheapest range of fences and screens in Australia from Half Price Lattice that will last long. 

Why should You opt for Lattice Screening around Your Property?

When you want your backyard to have adequate fencing for improved security and privacy and also complementing your garden, then installing lattice screening in Perth is the best idea. Lattice screen fences are so versatile that you can utilise them in many ways. You can fix the lattice screening in Perth inside posts and a top rail to make a front fence surrounding your property. They can be used for various decorative purposes in the garden like when lattice fences are covered with climbing vines, they will make a rustic aesthetic. Moreover, you can likewise utilise lattice screening in Perth to surround a rubbish area and conceal anything that creates an eyesore. In this case, you need to install the lattice screens to encase the space securely. Since these fences are available in various heights, you can adjust the structure to meet your requirements. 

Lattice fences built by the fencing professionals of Half Price Lattice allow adequate air and light flow that keeps your backyard airy and bright while maintaining the privacy of the space. These fences are made with horizontal and vertical strips that create a certain pattern of a diamond or square shape based on the angle the screen is placed. This design allows air to pass through and so it is perfect for installing a screen around your deck or external meditation area. This will assist with characterising these areas and provide them a comfortable feel. Due to the visually light structure of the lattice screening in Perth, you will not feel caught in as you would with an opaque boundary. Lattice fencing is great for enhancing the privacy of your property. You can put up these lightweight screens even along the top of your old fence to obstruct the external view. On the other hand, your home or business space might have a wide lawn at the side, making the patio noticeable from the street. If you surround the area with a high lattice screening in Perth covered with climbing plants, your space can have the needed privacy allowing you to enjoy the beautiful lawn while preventing the prying eyes of the passers-by. It can also be used around a terrace or a front verandah. 

Why are We Different from Other Fencing Companies?

Half Price Lattice delivers the highest level of service implemented with an extraordinary quality finish on each project of lattice screening in Perth. Our quality of workmanship speaks for itself. We have only the best professionals with extensive experience, who know the best material, style and size of lattice screening in Perth that will go best with your property and budget. We are centred around customer satisfaction and so we strive to deliver excellent quality always. The projects we take on have a build quality that is second to none. This is achieved by our precision and eye for detail that help build a fence with great look and durability. 

Our workers are known to show up on schedule and get the job done. They are passionate about the work they do. We take pride in always building exceptional projects of lattice screening in Perth and meet all fencing needs for our clients. This has brought about a larger part of our referrals coming from existing clients. We make sure that your experience with Half Price Lattice is really enjoyable from beginning to end. 

If you want to surround your home or office with high-quality lattice screening in Perth, contact the staff of Half Price Lattice today!



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