Half Price Lattice Perth

Half Price Lattice is a family owned and operated business, and has been servicing trades and the D.I.Y community across greater Perth since 1988. We pride ourselves in providing a customized and personal service to all our customers at very competitive prices. All our products are made to the specifications based your requirements.

We love Latticework; the beautiful and ornamental criss-crossed framework is a functional, timeless classic when applied to residential fencing or used as fence extension privacy screens. Our lattice products merge into and enhance the look and feel of just about any home whether it be older or more modern. Whilst our most popular material for lattice fences, panels, and screens is wood we also offer plastic lattice across all of our range.

We're pretty good with this lattice stuff! We’re also rather proud of how we're able produce a lot of different styles and functions at a high professional standard and at a respectable cost to the general public. From picket fencing, general framing, enclosures, garden arbores, creative arches, and so much more – there isn't a home where we can’t provide a functional and aesthetic improvement through our latticework.

If you're looking for lattice panels in Perth with nothing less than the best finish possible in a timely and cost effective manner, then call us today on (08) 9287 2494.